The Wedding Standards is a list of items that are included in all levels of service. CJN Event Planning feels this high level of service should be included regardless of price or package. This is the level of detail you can expect from CJN Event Planning. 

*Making sure that You, Your Groom, Parents and the Wedding Party are comfortable and have all the attention and service deserved while getting ready for the Big Day 

*Receiving all deliveries, greeting and supervising vendors 

*Distributing hard copies of your Final, Complete Wedding Day Itinerary to all vendors 

*Overseeing proper set- up and design of ceremony and reception areas 

*Ensuring proper placement of the guest’s assigned seating place cards, guest books, photographs, candles, wedding favors, ceremony programs, menu cards, disposable cameras, etc 

*Making sure any of your guests with special needs receive care and assistance without making them feel uncomfortable or like the center of attention 

*Greeting your guests and directing them to the ceremony and reception areas at the appropriate times 

*Rounding up, lining up and cueing the Wedding Party when it's time to walk down the aisle, making sure they look great, smiling, paced perfectly, no hands in pockets 

*Making certain that the ceremony musicians are cued appropriately to ensure correct pace and timing 

*Assist the Photographer in gathering your Wedding Party and family members for pictures as needed 

*Making certain your selected Reception Entertainment has proper electricity, staging, shaded seating, parking validations, vendor meals, green room access etc. 

*Making certain that all finishing touches are complete and exactly as you wished before allowing guests to enter the reception area 

*Answer any guests' questions and concerns graciously throughout the day 

*Assisting DJ / MC in guiding guests through the day and on to the next scheduled events making certain that no on misses these events and there is a steady, comfortable flow with no dead air or rushing 

*Organizing the Grand Entrance and getting everyone lined up outside the reception area in correct order informing the MC of all correct pronunciations of names 

*Always letting You and Your Groom know what is next so that you are never caught off guard 

*Seeing to it that parents and very special people are given special care and their every need is catered to
Making certain the dietary needs and requests of guests such as allergies, vegetarian and vegan requests are followed through with correctly 

*Supervising and communicating with the chef, banquet captain and catering staff to ensure superb, timely dinner service 

*Making certain that everyone scheduled to give toasts or host special events during the day are cued and prepared 

*Making certain we have your comfortable shoes ready for you to change into at the reception if you desire and your make up available to touch up if needed throughout the day 

*Coming to the rescue with a warm, damp cloth when your groom wasn't as nice as he had promised you to be during the cake cutting or vise versa 

*Be there by your side, ready and available for any emergencies or unexpected occurrences 

*Guiding you graciously through your day, Keeping things running on schedule, Without a coordinator it's very easy to simply run out of time and you never get to do all those creative and special things you spent months planning 

*Distributing final balances and gratuities to the vendors on your behalf 

*Keeping track of, organizing and then packing everything up for you at the end of the evening 

*Collecting disposable cameras, all of your wedding gifts, your guest book, pen, toasting glasses, cake top, etc
Bringing everything to your Honeymoon Suite, Designated Room or Designated Car 

*Decorating your Honeymoon Suite on your Wedding Night 

*Arranging Getaway Transportation, making sure that they are present and on time 

*Knowing exactly when you need a soft voice to calm you, one other than of your family or close friends 

So RELAX and let us handle the details…